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After you download the Zip file you will want to unzip the file and you will see the .pdf e-book.

This .pdf is different than many you may have seen. The Table of Contents contains live links to every heading through the book. There are live links through out the text that reference endnotes at the back of the book. You will be able to navigate through the entire book using the live links or scrolling with your mouse as with most e-books.

When you open the .pdf, a left bar menu will appear. My preference is to close that menu and use the links in the e-Book to navigate the text.

You also have the option of printing the e-Book of course.

Thank you for your purchase. I hope you take the time to actually read and apply the system. It has made a dramatic difference in my life and I want my system to have a positive impact in your life as well.

You may email me at the contact info in the book. I look forward to answering your questions and reading about your results.

To your excellent health and to your taking control over it.

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