Giclee Limited Edition Gallery

These stunning pieces are Giclee (pronounced gee-clay) reproductions of original art and are offered at promotional prices during this short season.

World Renown

A Giclee reproduction is a high-resolution digital print that is created by a series of tiny jets spraying millions of droplets of printing ink. The spray generates more than four million droplets of ink per second; hence, the name Giclee, which is French for "fine spray." A precise computer control panel insures consistency of hue, value, and density.

Since the Giclee process produces a combination of 512 chromatic changes (with over three and one-half million colors possible) and the resolution is two to three times that of lithographs or serigraphy, a Giclee captures every nuance of an original.

Museum Quality Canvas

These stunning pieces utilize the highest quality archival canvas. These pieces will last many lifetimes that can be handed down generation after generation.

Giclees prints are of such phenomenal quality that many art experts have difficulty telling a Giclee from an original. This fact has prompted museums and collectors to substitute Giclees for display, thereby safeguarding priceless originals in their vaults.

Add Your Personal Touch

You will be able to add your personal touch to this unique and outstanding gift. The prints are not framed so you will be able to choose the frame and matting that best suites your personal taste and decor of the environment where it will be displayed and appreciated.

Contact to View

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or call directly at (949) 633-7206 ... make arrangements to view and evaluate the quality and uniqueness of these fine Giclee prints. These will serve as top-drawer additions for your collection or as an unforgettable and unique gift for that special someone that you want to truly suprise and thrill this Holiday Season.


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